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The Makers


In 1954 a cooperative shoe company that was then set up by Pandit Nehru, was facing closure. During such time of crisis, Shri P.D. Gupta took this company under his wing and shaped it into one of the most successful establishments in the footwear industry that we know today: Liberty.

After the end of the first five of its inception, Liberty was already dominating the men's sandals section in India. Its vision had expanded to new horizons and the next target was set: to offer Indian buyers a wide range of products with the latest innovation. This led to a partnership with Hungary in 1964.What came out of this partnership was way ahead of its time. The same year, Liberty bagged its first export order of 50,000 pairs of footwear from Czechoslovakia. Within a decade, Liberty had graduated from being the best footwear company of India to becoming a global phenomenon.

Since then, the growth of Liberty has seen a steady rise. In 1982, Liberty revolutionized the footwear industry at home with their latest innovation in shoes – PU, EP, TPE, EVA, TR and other safety shoes used the latest technology in the footwear industry to provide its users the perfect blend of comfort and design. This way, Liberty brought the latest trends of the European market to India, prior to Nike, Adidas or any other shoe brand.

In 1992, Liberty went public with an issue at a premium of Rs.99. The issue has been oversubscribed 54 times. The same decade, Liberty marked its national presence after it began to set up one of its most successful franchise chains in the form of exclusive franchisee showrooms within the country and outside. Liberty went on to give Indian fashion a global footprint, by selling in thousands everyday in more than 25 countries including fast driven, quality obsessed countries like France, Italy and Germany. A total of 350 exclusive showrooms came up in 400 large, small and medium cities including 15 in the Middle East. This also included 8 company owned showrooms.

During the next ten years, Liberty slowly marked its presence around the world. Having already made its presence felt in Hungary, Liberty shook hands with the Russians to deliver the 'Liberty-Nino'. And in 1977, the first Liberty showroom was opened in Hungary. This way the footprints of Liberty were the first to trend on a foreign soil, which was until recently under the thumb of the State Trading Corporation. This made Liberty the leader in the Indian footwear industry.

Between 1990- 2000, back home, Liberty was making its presence felt. A vertically integrated infrastructure was set up with manufacturing capabilities in the form of 4 'Humantech' centers located in Garundha, Libertypuram, Karnal and Roorkee. These 'Humantech' centers - where the best of skills combined with the latest technology produced the largest range of footwear designs in the industry, catering to every income bracket and age segment, offering 'great products at great prices'. As a testimony to the flawless procedures and systems inside these 'Humantech' centers, the ISO 9002 certification was awarded.

During 2000-2010, Liberty was at the pinnacle of the Indian footwear industry. It was amongst the top five leather manufacturing companies in the world. A new 'Humantech' centre was set up in Dehradun to propel the growth of Liberty by becoming the manufacturing base for some of the most popular global footwear brands. The higher end of the footwear market also received special attention. Liberty set up a high fashion chain in metros and state capitals across the country catering to individual styles and looks, in an ambience that is exciting and magical as the products are lined up.

Infrastructural Strength

The 3,500 employees at six Humantech centers that churn out close to 50,000 pair of shoes every day.

The 300 new designs that we give to the world every year, sound planning, futuristic vision, unmatched quality control, the latest in technology and most of all, a worldwide distribution network of 150 distributers – make sure the customer's diverse tastes and needs are fulfilled without any delay.